Below are ways we recommend you to store your hat:

On a shelf

When storing on a shelf, we strongly recommend that you put your hat in a dust bag to protect it from dirt and dust.

Hang it on the wall

You can hang your hat on a nail on the wall, but we suggest covering the tip of the nail with a foam ball, so that the sharp tip of the nail does not damage your hat.

Storing it in a box

Store the box in a cool dry place. Our hats can change color and shape if exposed to long periods of heat and moisture.

Do not store your hat in your car, the exposure to prolonged sunlight and heat will discolor and distort the shape.

Cleaning your hat

If your hat needs a little tune-up, take a soft bristled brush or lint roller to clean off hair or dust. When using a soft bristled brush, brush in small circular motions.

You may wipe small spots with a slightly damp white cloth. Do not use a cloth with dye, as the dye may transfer to the hat. 

For more severe stains, we suggest taking your hat to a local hat repair shop to professionally clean it.

If your hat gets wet, allow it to dry naturally, do not blow dry it. Avoid getting your hats wet, the fibers will expand and distort the shape.