We are Collarist, a socially conscious company that designs unique, artisanal-luxury pet products with a positive impact.

“We believe that a pet is a treasure, a best friend, a member of our family and a precious living companion that brings so much joy and color to our lives.”

This is the principle that inspired us to create the most amazing, vibrant, pet products that look good, do good and make the lives of our pets colorful too!

We work closely with talented artisans in México by providing guidance, direction and advice for design, incorporating their traditional skills and cultural techniques with modern styles. The results are One-of-a-Kind handcrafted pet products that are designed to be used, cherished and loved.

We are super proud that all of our products have a positive impact and directly empower artisans and their families to earn stable, fair trade income, helping them improve their current economical situation and preserve their traditions.

Our team is passionate about what we are doing and love every product we design and create along with incredible artisans. We sincerely hope you and your four-legged friend will too.

The Collarist Team