How it all started

The story of Collarist begins with a family trip to one of the iconic, main handcrafts states in southern Mexico, Chiapas.

As we toured many of its colorful markets, we became immediately inspired by the fascinating vibrant products that talented, hard-working artisans were making.

We realized that no matter how exquisite the product, without buyers, these amazing, skillful artisans were struggling to support themselves and their families. It was here, where we began envisioning how could we help them sell their products to a broader audience and create life changing income for them.

Two years later, Collarist was born out of a belief that commerce can, and should change lives for better. Today, we proudly work with dozens of artisans to create unique, artisanal-luxury pet products that embody exemplary design and that bring joy and color to our pets lives.

Together we can make a difference.

Let’s support the artisanal work! 

The Collarist Team

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